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For Students

1. Why CSRCIND Portal?

The CSRCIND web portal is a website that gives you information regarding IT training events and resources at one place. You can take an online course, get live assistance with our training needs, connect with our experts, and more. Explore the CSRCIND web portal and see what's available.

2. How will I benefit from using the CSRCIND web portal?

All the IT industry related aspirants can use the CSRCIND web portal as a convenient, easy, and effective way to take training courses and provide evidence of completed training courses (certificates). Using this portal can increase the efficiency and reach number of industry experts for more referrals and other help.

3. How do I enroll for CSRCIND courses?

Step 1: Register Online FREE - Register for CSRCIND courses.
Step 2: Course & Instructor – Browse and register for course through CSRCIND or Authorized Training Partners listed.
Step 3: Attend the DEMO classes, select the Instructor and timings according to the schedules mentioned.
Step 4: If you enroll with CSRCIND trainer need to download the refund policy document ,sign the same and send it to info@csrcind.com. If you are enrolled with our training partner you need to follow according to their terms and conditions (WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS OR SERVICE).
Step 5: Pay 50% advance amount at Netar Software Services Pvt Ltd ONLINE (Top right side of the website you have a PAY ONLINE button), If you are registered with our training partner need to pay the amount according to their instructions, we are no way responsible for any transaction or service from our training partner (WE ARE ONLY ADVERTISING THEIR SERVICES).
Step 6: Before last three classes need to pay the rest of 50% fee and, please give your feedback or testimonial regarding the training experience, and we will provide you a certificate of soft copy (for only CSRCIND direct students), if you permit will also place your details in the website.

For Trainers and Institutions

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