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Counseling, on job Training, Placement program for IT Excellence

To fulfill your job need, goal or ambition in IT industry, join 'ITHRA' on Job Training program.

'ITHRA' - on Job Training Program (for now in Hyderabad)

A constructive Job placement program for recent fresher in IT industry. We do follow certain process to identify the candidate interest, skill set and will map with the present booming technology, because of less industry knowledge students are unable to judge or identify the right path, and even unable to map their inter personal skills with the right technology. We conduct a written test, secondly counseling, after this will give necessary training and practical knowledge.

IT industry need an employee with all the communication skills, corporate etiquettes, client communication, knowledge in common technology like Outlook, SVN, Bug tracking tools, Goto meetings, Skype calls, Google technologies and few more. We know the importance of all these elements; accordingly we are included in our program respectively.

400 Hours Competency Programme in IT

Our '400 hours Competency' has specialized training wings, have been chosen with at most care where in a candidate can opt their specific domain after a counselling session and begin their knowledge of desired. Following are the Wings.

  • IT Programming Concepts
  • IT Functional Tools and Concepts
  • Web and Mobile Technology Concepts
  • Business Operations & Back office job concepts. More......

Our commitment to Clients

Under on demand consulting we too have a target and commitment to the clients, when we commit we need to deliver the equipped profiles accordingly in TIME. The registered candidates with relevant skill set will be trained according to the client requirement, and will be placed in to the company, in this process the student or the candidate is not serious towards the requirement and training we will lose our credibility in front of the client, to overcome that risk we ask for the PAY (Required Deposit which is refundable), our business is not with the unemployeed cadidates, it is with our clients only, they will pay us the consulting fee. For more details call us at : +91 720 774 3377 or Mail us at

Cyber Security Awareness Program

Shekhar Bose Expert Cyber Security (in JNTU Hyderabad)

+ 91 994 - 995 - 3377
Classroom Training

Suresh Babu Nagarapu CEO (at ALEAP Hyderabad)

+ 91 994 - 995 - 3377

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