AJAX Course

AJAX is the art of exchanging data with a server.

AJAX Online Training

Although Ajax seemed to come out of nowhere, in reality it had been percolating for a while. Several years of work spread across the Web went into creating the tools and patterns that came together under the Ajax banner. Throughout the dHTML era of the original Internet bubble and into the dark years after the dot-com crash, developers around the world were unlocking the unexpected power of JavaScript to bring new and exciting application patterns to the web.

What you will learn

AJAX short for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, allows you to load data in the background and display it on your webpage, without refreshing the page. This allows you to create websites with much richer functionality.

  • Request object Creation
  • Using XML and JSON in Ajax applications
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Ajax

AJAX Online Training Course Content


  • Request object Creation
  • Requesting the data
  • Asynchronous data transfer
  • Using the readyState property
  • Callback function
  • Using inner HTML
  • Sending the request
  • Requesting the data
  • Error handling with try/catch
  • Understanding HTTP
  • Using XML and JSON in Ajax applications
  • Introduction to XML
  • XML and the DOM
  • ResponseText Usage
  • Using responseXML
  • JSON vs XML
  • Basics of JSON
  • Using JavaScript literals
  • CSS with Ajax
  • Object-oriented JavaScript and custom Ajax objects
  • New operator
  • Object constructors
  • Prototypes
  • Custom Ajax objects
  • Ajax and forms
  • Encoding



  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Ajax
  • onerror event handler
  • Debugging Ajax with Firebug
  • Tools for navigating the DOM
  • Firefox DOM Inspector
  • IE DOM Inspector
  • Mouseover DOM Inspector (MODI)
  • List of Live HTTP Headers
  • Explain HTTP Status Codes
  • Using JavaScript libraries and Creating a widget
  • JavaScript libraries/frameworks
  • Three types of libraries/frameworks
  • DOM extension
  • Application conveniences
  • Widgets
  • Explain The Prototype JavaScript Framework
  • Using Prototypes Ajax Objects
  • Using an accordion widget to display an Ajax response
  • Working with XML feeds and Providing feedback to the user
  • Working with XML News Feeds
  • RSS .9x
  • RSS 2.0
  • RSS 1.0
  • Atom
  • Using the Scriptaculous library for visual effects
  • The yellow fade technique
  • Drag and drop functionality
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