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INFORMATICA 9X IDQ Online Training

Informatica developer and analyst replaces the traditional informatica dataquality. Using developer you can profile your data, create score cards, address validation is carried out in the tool, names match,Analyst tool is more of a GUI based tool where business analysts can perform the same stuff that a developer can do from a developer tool. Not sure what exactly you are looking for but, There is nothing that these tools can replace powercente or vice versa. This is totally different and used for different purposes.

What you will learn

IDQ is primarily used for Data Qality implementations like MDM (Master Data Management) where you will have one Golden record at any given point of time. At first you analyze data using Analyst and then perform Data Quality rules. The primary advantage I felt using IDQ is to navigate data. i.e from source to target you can see how your data is being sliced and diced at each transformation.

  • DQ Overview
  • Informatica DQ Tools

INFORMATICA 9X IDQ Online Training Course Content


  • DQ Overview
  • Data Quality Basic Concepts and life cycle.
  • DQ Rules, Scorecards, Reference tables, interoperability with powercenter
  • Profiling & Cleansing Concepts – Standardization, Merge, Match, de dup, label, parse.
  • Informatica DQ Tools
  • Informatica Developer and Analyst Architecture – Client tool, Service and repository relationship.
  • Working on Informatica Developer objects
    • Physical Data Object
    • Logical Data Object Mapping
    • Logical Data Object Model
    • Profiling
    • Reference Table
    • Scorecard
    • Transformations
    • Rules/mapplets
  • Informatica Developer
  • Usage and properties of Data Quality Transformations
    • Match
    • Merge
    • Labeler
    • Standardizer
    • Address Validator
    • Association
    • Comparison
    • Consolidation
    • Parser
    • Decision
  • Working on below mentioned items in Informatica Developer
    • Create and validate Rules/Mapplets.
    • Create and run Mapping (use Mapplet within it).
    • Create and run Workflows.
  • Informatica Analyst Overview.
  • Creating column profile, rule and scorecard using Informatica Analyst.


  • Informatica Powercenter
  • Informatica Powercenter Architecture and overview.
  • Informatica Powercenter basic transformations overview.
    • Source Qualifier
    • Lookup
    • Expression
    • Sorter
    • Filter
    • Joiner
    • Update Strategy
    • Normalizer
    • Aggregates
    • Sql
    • Stored proc
  • Informatica Powercenter mapping, session and workflow level Variables and Parameters.
  • Use of Informatica developer DQ rule as mapplet in Powercenter mapping.
  • Creating and setting properties in Powercenter Sessions and other tasks.
  • Creating and running Workflows.
  • New Features in Informatica 9.1 and 9.5.
  • Scheduling Powercenter workflows and monitoring the same.
  • Using Informatica provided Commands for various purposes.
    • Pmcmd
    • Infacmd
    • Infarep
  • Performance Optimization in Informatica Loads
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