Microstrategy Course

MicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence (BI).

Microstrategy Online Training

MicroStrategy develops and sells business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. The company’s software performs analytics on a variety of data, such as sales figures, payroll data,and inventory in order to inform users' business decisions.

What you will learn

MicroStrategy remains one of the few independent, publicly traded BI software providers in the business intelligence (BI) market. Its primary business analytics competitors include SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, and Oracle's BI Platform. MicroStrategy is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area and has worldwide operations across 26 countries, in cities including New York, San Francisco, Paris, Warsaw, Madrid, London, Milan, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, and São Paulo.

  • Install and configure Microstrategy

Microstrategy Online Training Course Content

  • Install and configure Microstrategy
  • DWH Basic Concepts
  • Understands about dimension Modeling
  • Dashboard/Document Creation.
  • Manage security.
  • Managing indexes and finding performance bottlenecks
  • Automate administrative tasks.
  • Attributes, Facts, Hierarchy Creation
  • Metrics, Filters, Prompts and Custom group Creation
  • OLAP Services
  • Report Validation
  • VLDB Settings
  • Performance tuning using Profiler, DTA & System monitor.
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