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IBM Netezza Analytics is an embedded

Netezza Online Training

IBM Netezza Analytics’ advanced technology fuses data warehousing and in-database analytics into a scalable, high-performance, massively parallel advanced analytic platform that is designed to crunch through petascale data volumes. This allows users to ask questions of the data that could not have been contemplated on other architectures. IBM Netezza Analytics is designed to quickly and effectively provide better and faster answers to the most sophisticated business questions.

What you will learn

IBM Netezza pioneered the modern data warehouse appliance and has customers worldwide that have realized the value of combining data warehousing and analytics into a single, high- performance integrated system.

  • Serious analytics – Answer questions that were previously too complex, required too much data or took too much time to analyze
  • Data exploration – Discover subtle patterns within ever-growing data volumes to answer interrelated and complex business questionsd
  • Analytics on-demand – Quickly respond to dynamic business conditions to choose the best course of action

Netezza Online Training Course Content

  • Overview IBM Netezza architecture
  • Getting started with IBM Netezza analytics
  • Data exploration
  • Data mining with IBM Netezza analytics using unsupervised learning
  • Data mining with IBM Netezza analytics using supervised learning
  • Manipulating large matrices in database
  • Working with user defined analytical processes
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