SAP BSP Course

BSP is the development environment for Web applications.

SAP BSP Online Training

In BSP Online Training course, you will become familiar with the architecture of the SAP Web Application Server and learn how to program a Web application using Business Server Pages. You will first set up the layout of a business server page using HTML and use the ABAP scripting language to generate some dynamic parts of the layout.

What you will learn

The course also discusses how to include data from SAP systems by calling BAPIs in the system and how to log on to the SAP Web Application Server. You will learn how BSP extensions can be used to design the layout. The use of the BSP extension HTMLB is covered in particular detail.

  • SAP BSP Overview

SAP BSP Online Training Course Content


  • Building a simple BSP Application
  • A Simple BSP application to select a range of Sales Document and Display the result on the next Page
  • Providing F4 help in the BSP Application
  • Building a simple BSP Application to retrieve Material information
  • Providing list box in the BSP Application
  • Using controller in BSP Application
  • Building interactive BSP Application
  • Displaying table contents on the BSP Application
  • Navigating and data transfer between different pages
  • Create Client-Side Cookies
  • BSP Application using a Tree
  • BSP Application using MVC Architecture - Displaying Business Partner data using a BAPI


  • BSP Application using Date Navigator Control
  • Simple BSP Application Using HTMLB components on TableView, group by Radiobutton and Dropdown list box
  • Creating a simple BSP Application using AJAX
  • Steps to integrate Business Server pages (BSP) with ADOBE FLEX
  • Simple BSP application to Create, Modify and Delete the database entries
  • Resume application using BSP
  • XML generation from BSP
  • Simple BSP Application to validate the date fields in Front end using JAVASCRIPT
  • BSP application to download the table contents into excel sheet
  • Integrating SAP data (R/3 or BW Data) with the BO-Xcelsius (Business Objects) using BSP
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