SAP IDM Course

SAP Identity Management Online Training.

SAP Identity Management (IDM) Online Training

SAP Identity Management Online Training is a module that deals with user accounts (identities). It helps enterprises with complex system landscape to centrally manage their user accounts effortlessly.SAP IdM reduces operational risk by eliminating access creep and bringing access provisioning in line with segregation of duties requirements. It also cuts the cost of IT support and business operations using smart features like data synchronisation, workflow driven processes and self service password resets. Because SAP IdM is included in your SAP licensing costs, you don't have to pay an additional license or maintenance fee when you use it within your SAP environment. The product is the replacement for SAP Central User Administration (CUA) – and SAP recommends you implement IdM rather than CUA.

What you will learn

SAP Identity Management helps companies to centrally manage their user accounts (identities) in a complex system landscape. This includes both SAP and non-SAP systems. The solution provides an authoritative, single source of user information and enables self-service management of user information and authorizations using workflow technology.

  • Overview of Identity Management

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Online Training Course Content


  • SAP Identity Management (IdM)
  • Identifying IdM
  • Identifying the Components of IdM
  • As-Is Landscape
  • Identifying the Landscape
  • IdM Installation and Upgrade
  • Installing the Elements
  • User Interface (UI) Administration
  • Customizing the User Interface (UI)
  • Data Storage
  • Creating Entry Types
  • Jobs
  • Creating Repositories Configuring Dispatchers
  • Scripts
  • Implementing Scripts for Advanced DatConversion
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Encrypting Passwords
  • Provisioning
  • Creating Provisioning Tasks
  • Auditing the Task Executing Process
  • Creating Privileges
  • Assigning Privileges
  • Importing a Provisioning Framework
  • Provisioning a User in AS Java
  • Provision a User in AS ABAP
  • Advanced Assignments
  • Configuring Approval Workflows
  • Storing Information with Pending Value Objects (PVO) and ContextVariables
  • Implementing Automated Approve/Decline
  • Performing Validate Assignments


  • Roles
  • Creating Business Roles
  • Context Based Assignments
  • Assigning Context-Based Assignments
  • Creating Guided Activity Tasks
  • Provisioning context towards backend systems
  • Assigning Automatic and Conditional Context
  • Advanced Connectivity
  • Connecting to the Virtual Directory Server (VDS)
  • Ensuring Compliance of Identity Management
  • Setting up Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • System Management
  • Executing Jobs using the Admin UI
  • Managing Approvals
  • Running Housekeeping Procedures
  • Transporting Data
  • Identity Center Schema
  • Accessing the Identity Center Database
  • Debugging Entries
  • Performance
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Access to the Identity Store
  • Restricting User Access
  • Mobile Access
  • Requesting a Role on Mobile Devices
  • Advanced Password Management
  • Resetting Passwords
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