SAP JVA Course

SAP designed JVA for joint venture operations.

SAP JVA (Joint Venture Accounting) Online Training

SAP designed JVA for joint venture operations. SAP JVA captures all expenditures and other joint venture transactions by using functions from FINANCIAL Accounting (SAP FI), Controlling (SAP CO), Asset Management (SAP AM), Materials Management (SAP MM), Plant Maintenance (SAP PM), and Project System (SAP PS).

What you will learn

By working closely with customers and implementation partners, SAP ensures that JVA facilitates smooth management of joint ventures, with great flexibility for growth.

  • Overview of JVA

SAP JVA (Joint Venture Accounting) Online Training Course Content


  • Introduction to JVA
  • Defining JVA objects
  • Defining JVA processes
  • Setting up company
  • Setting up JVA cost objects
  • Configuring CO processing/cutback/CI/NPI Partner/Convenience Netting
  • Configuring Billing
  • Non operated processing and billing
  • Intercompany processing
  • Equity adjustments
  • Suspense processing
  • JVA Forex valuation
  • Venture Bank account switching
  • JVA Reporting


  • creating and Changing Joint Operating Agreements
  • Setting Up Equity Groups
  • Setting Up and Changing a Joint Venture
  • Assigning Equity Groups and Equity Types
  • Setting up Joint Venture Accounting Cost Objects: Overview
  • Creating and Changing Cost Centers
  • Creating and Changing Internal Orders
  • Creating and Changing Projects and Work Breakdown Structures
  • Maintaining and Changing Business Partners
    • Suspending and Removing Projects, Partners, and Equity Groups from Suspense
    • Intercompany Mapping
    • Maintaining Prepaid Inventory Materials


    • Periodic processing includes the following SAP Joint Venture Accounting (JVA) posting procedures:
    • Processing International Foreign CURRENCY Exchange
    • Executing CO Allocations
    • Distributions
    • Settlements
    • Settlement Rules
    • Processing Cost Calculations
    • Running Cutback
    • Executing Netting
    • Carried interest
    • Net Profit Interest
    • Partner Netting
    • Convenience Netting
    • Executing Billing
    • Updating Company Codes Periodically
    • Carrying Year End Balances Forward
    • Actual Posting
    • In SAP Joint Venture Accounting (JVA), actual posting covers the following areas:
      • Posting Expenses and Managing Asset Transfers
      • Issuing and Receiving Cash Calls
      • Processing Non-operated Invoices
      • Managing Asset Transfers
      • Processing Inbound EDI Intermediate Documents (IDocs)
    • Reporting - Information System
    • SAP Joint Venture Accounting (JVA) Reports
    • Master Data Reports
    • Displaying and Comparing Company Documents
    • Supporting JVA Audits
    • Displaying SAP JVA Process History
    • Printing Allocations
    • Executing EDI Reports
    • Controlling (CO) Planned Data

SAP Joint Venture Accounting is fully integrated with:

learn these integration methods as a part of SAP JVA Training

  • SAP Financial Accounting
  • SAP Controlling
  • SAP Asset Management
  • SAP Materials Management
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Plant Maintenance
  • SAP Project System
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