SAP Oil & Gas Course

Optimized production processes to improve capital employed and perfect supply chains

SAP Oil & Gas Online Training

SAP has developed an industry solution for the oil and gas industry (IS-OIL), featuring tools and automated processes designed especially for this sector. SAP IS-OIL is the leading integrated solution for the entire value-added chain of the oil and gas industry-from the wellhead to the gas station. With SAP IS-OIL.The oil and gas industry is usually divided into three major sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream.

What you will learn

With SAP OIL & GAS solutions, optimizing capital spend, maximizing return on assets, improving profitability, and driving sustainable operations while operating safely, developing talent effectively. Optimized production processes to improve capital employed and perfect supply chains Reduced operational risks and costs by leveraging available data for maximum value.


SAP Oil & Gas Online Training Course Content


  • Introduction to my SAP ERP
  • SAP Oil & Gas Overview
  • Introduction to Downstream
  • TWS Overview
  • Service Retailing
  • Production
  • Upstream Graphics
  • Master Data Settings
  • Basic Settings
  • Master Data Creation
  • Oil & Gas Upstream
  • PRA – Production and Revenue Accounting overview and its graphical user Introduction
    • Ownership
    • Upstream Graphics
    • Production
    • Measurement System
    • Contractual Allocation
    • Product Control
    • Valuation
    • Check Input
    • Payment Processing
    • Check Write
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Journal Entry
    • Contracts and Pricing
    • Tax Reporting
  • Production sharing Accounts
  • Set-up & Master Data
  • Configuration
  • Master Data Assignments
  • Planning
  • PSA Periodic Processing


  • Joint venture Accounting
  • Accounting Principles
  • Master Data
  • Integration
  • Day-to-Day Processes
  • Data Entry
  • Operated Accounting
  • Reporting
  • SAP Oil & Gas (RLM – Remote Logistics Management)
  • Basic Customizing Settings for RLM
  • Supply Chain
  • RLM Goods Receipt
  • RLM Shipping
  • Holding
  • Returns
  • Material Tracking in RLM
  • SAP Oil & Gas (IS – Oil Downstream)
  • Integration of SAP Oil & Gas with SAP CRM
  • HPM – Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Product Management
  • TDP – Tariffs, Duties and Permits
  • Exchanges
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
  • Service Station Retailing
  • SAP Oil & Gas with GIS/CAD Integration basic settings
  • Notifications of GIS Mapping
  • R/3 or BI integration with GIS
  • Assets & Operations concepts
  • GIS Perfornace -BO
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