SAP SD Course

It is a part of the logistics module.

SAP SD Online Training

Sales and Distribution (SD) is one of the core and most-used modules of SAP R/3 products beside Financial (FI), Controlling (CO), Material Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP) modules.

What you will learn

It is a part of the logistics module that support your customers, starting from quotations, sales order and all the way towards billing the customer. It is tightly integrated with the MM and PP functional modules. It allows companies to input their customer sales price, check for open orders and forecast etc.

  • Pre-sales activities, including Inquiry and Quotation creation
  • Sales Order processing, including Sales Order (SO) creation
  • Shipping, including Outbound Delivery document creation

SAP SD Online Training Course Content


  • Overview of Sales & distribution
  • Organizational structures
  • Sales and distribution aspect
  • Materials management aspect
  • Finance and accounting aspect
  • Document flow and process chain
  • Master Data Overview
  • Working with Customer master Record
  • Working with Material Master Record
  • Customer Account groups
  • Pre-Sales Activities
  • Sales Document structure
  • Inquiries
  • Quotations
  • Sales support
  • Creating, Processing and controlling
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Creation of sales order with reference
  • Schedule lines Categories
  • Copy Control
  • Log of incomplete items
  • Pricing
  • Condition Technique
  • Condition Type
  • Access Sequence
  • Condition Record
  • Price determination
  • Definition and maintenance of prices, surcharges, and discounts
  • Fast Material Entry in Sales order
  • Product Proposals
  • Material Listing and exclusion
  • Material Determination
  • Free goods


  • Sales order Types
  • Rush order
  • Cash Sales
  • Free of charge deliveries
  • Outline agreements
  • Contracts
  • Scheduling agreements
  • Special Business Processes
  • Consignments
  • Bill of material
  • Shipping
  • Overview of shipping
  • Shipping point and route determination
  • Creating and controlling outbound delivery
  • Delivery processing
  • Picking conformation
  • Processing packing material
  • Packing
  • Goods issue
  • Billing
  • Billing document types
  • Creation of billing documents
  • Controlling billing documents
  • Overview of billing methods
  • Billing plan
  • Revenue account determination
  • Posting billing document to Accounts
  • Credit management
  • Integrated case study
  • Implementation of a fictitious demo company in an "empty" delivery client in an ERP system, using predefined business processes
  • Mapping the enterprise structure
  • Implementing sales transactions, delivery and billing processes, institution-specific price determination requests
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